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Effortless day counting for Expats, non-residents and frequent travellers

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Trac-King is a unique, new day counting app for the iPhone.

Many people, need to keep a record of the days they spend in different countries. Trac-King does this automatically, keeping track of your days and nights, wherever you are in the world.

Trac-King takes the hassle out of day and night tracking, giving Expats and Non-Residents one less thing to think about.

"Trac-King significantly reduces the headache of keeping track of your days and does so effortlessly from your iPhone"

Trac-King app

Who benefits from using Trac-King?

Clarify your residence status?

Trac-King is the perfect tool for individuals ‘counting days’ or ‘nights’ to establish their country of residence. Trac-King is flexible and works for all countries where day counting is a requirement to help establish Expatriate Tax positions.

UK Expats - find it extremely useful for day counting, in-line with the "Statutory Residents Test" (SRT).

US Expatriates - the "Non USA Days” feature to assist day counting for the "Physical Presence Test”.

Snowbirds and Non US Citizens can use Trac-KingTM to count days for the "Substantial Presence Test”.

"For UK non-residents required to take the Significant Ties Test, day counting is the key factor in establishing residence.”

Trac-King app

No Data Roaming Charges!

Trac-King has developed a new patent pending Geo-location technique, so it doesn’t require traditional mapping files to confirm your location. This means is it can locate your position, worldwide, without data roaming charges. We believe this is very important to global travellers.

Typically location and mapping based Apps require:

Trac-King does not require either!

"Trac-King just works. It can tell which country I'm in and it doesn’t require me to turn on my data roaming to do so."

Trac-King app

Always on but without battery loss

Trac-King runs continuously without loss of battery life often associated with Apps that rely on GPS.

It works efficiently in the background of your iPhone using information generated as you move around, so it uses very little processing power and won’t run your battery down.

Just leave it running to track all your days and nights.

"I can just leave Trac-King running and I'll have a detailed record of my UK days at the end of the year, which I can send directly to my accountant"

Trac-King app

Packed with features

  • Trac-King features

    Continuous tracking

    Users can set and adjust date ranges, allowing them to recall their country locations on any given day, week, month or a full tax year.

  • Trac-King features

    Non USA Days

    For US expats, tracks 24 hours days, starting at midnight, spent outside of US Territories.

  • Trac-King features

    Trip Summaries

    Different trips are conveniently split in the ‘Trips’ summary page.

  • Trac-King features

    Privacy settings

    Can be adjusted to collect only headline country location.

  • Trac-King features

    Edit Days

    Delete or add days or nights, edit existing entries as required.

  • Trac-King features


    Tracked location points are stored and pinned, to be viewed when a data or WIFI connection is conveniently available.

  • Trac-King features

    Send data

    Your tracked days can be sent to any email address directly from the App.

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